More Love From NYC, 9/11/21

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More Love From NYC

An ode to NYC, written and spoken by Allan Fair. Taking over my Mental Health and Alzheimer's related podcast with this special 9/11/21 post.  #NeverForget #SpokenWord #9/11 #MentalHealth

Been here since '98

.com boomin’

City is moving

Used to see Dicaprio at a club called Life

He’d be groovin

But that was a different life

Y2K came and went

.com bust Web 1.0 descent

Twin Towers down

Shout from the wreckage


And the city echoed back

And rebuilt our hearts, and bodies and buildings

New generations, new city children

New wars, new fears, far away, but the soul of the city, always here

Eli to Tyreee



Great Recession of 2008

SARS, Sandy, Swine flu

There’s a lot this city’s lived through

Lotta ghosts that walk these streets

Burroughs, Bowie, Bourdain, Lennon, Ledger, Jackie O, Greta Garbo

And we gonna add some ghosts, 

But this city will never be a ghost town

Because we don’t spend too much time lookin down

These streets have always been dirty

But this city’s condition

Has always been about ambition,

Reaching high for the sky,

New York City

Beacon to the world in good times and bad

We shout from these spires that scrape the sky above

In at time when the world has so many questions

The answer from New York is always more love.

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