Alzheimer's - Searching for Mom's New Home

35 minutes

Aspects to consider when choosing a care facility for your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia is the topic of Alz In The Fam Episode 16. In this episode, the four Fair siblings discuss their journey to find the right place for their mom, Carmen, to live.


When searching for the correct facility for their mom, the Fair siblings had three important criteria that it had to meet; it had to be financially doable, close to family and meet their mom’s social, physical and mental needs.


Poli, Boni and Trissi surveyed many different facilities with various offerings before selecting one that seemed like a good fit for Carmen. They looked at places strictly for memory care patients, extended care facilities, assisted living communities, religiously affiliated care centers, and every other option available, all with their own sets of pros and cons.


Ultimately, the four siblings decided that their proximity to Carmen was most important because families still need to participate in their loved one’s care, even once they move. After consulting with a company to help narrow down their search, the siblings found a place walking distance from Poli that seemed like a great fit for Carmen.


The place that they chose, where Carmen still lives, was a new facility with a great management team. Most importantly, Carmen’s floor also has a balcony where she can enjoy the outdoors – her access to outside space was a huge consideration in their selection process.


Most interestingly to the siblings is how quickly an Alzheimer’s patient’s needs can change within a few years. When the Fair family began their search for a facility in 2015, their priorities for Carmen’s care were different than they are now, in 2020, as her Alzheimer’s has progressed; facilities that once would not suit Carmen now may seem like a better fit than where she currently lives.


Overall, the process of picking the correct care facility is overwhelming and challenging, but having Carmen close to family and in a place where she feels safe and adjusted is most important.



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