Alzheimer's and Home Helper Services - A Chat w/ Chris Kondracki

38 minutes

Care Coordinator and Owner of Always Best Care, Loudoun VA, Chris Kondracki joins Alz In The Fam for the very first episode of 2021! In episode 19, Allan, Poli and Boni sit down with Chris to discuss his experience as an owner and coordinator of a senior home care service company.

Always Best Care in Loudoun, VA offers Home Care with Non-Medical professionals such as companionship services & home helper services, Personal Care services and placement services for residential care.

In this interview, Chris and the siblings discuss the different types of senior care, what Chris has learned about caregiving over the years and how Always Best Care provides the best care for its patients.

While his company provides assistance to all seniors, Chris has learned quite a bit about dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients throughout his career. Listen to hear his unique expertise on getting help for your loved ones, caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and how to navigate the challenging task finding care may be for your family.

Check out Always Best Care, Loudoun VA online here:

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with Chris, reach out to him at his email 


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