Alzheimer's - Advice from Caregivers, For Caregivers

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Advice for caregivers, from caregivers is the topic in Episode 18 of Alz In The Fam. The four Fair siblings sit down to share the best caregiving tips and tricks that they have learned from their own experiences and from others.

The first tip the siblings share is the power of music. Putting on your loved one’s favorite music can help change the mood and stimulate positive feelings. The siblings each have a specific playlist or radio station to put on when they want to change Carmen’s mood.

Many studies have been done on the positive effects of music on brain health, such as this NIH study:

Probably one of the most important tips to take away from this episode is the importance of finding support as a caregiver. Caregiver burnout is real and very isolating. Remember to ask for help when you need and take care of your own health, both mental and physical.

Look to family or friends to confide in and take advantage of resources to help you when you need a break. For example, check out this Village in the DC Metro area that offers help to seniors in the community:

Poli, Boni, Trissi and Allan share many other tips that they’ve picked up along the way. Check out the episode to hear more valuable tips, from how to defuse tense situations to how to keep your loved one feeling occupied and helpful.

And check out these caregiver resources:


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