9. Alzheimer's - Chat w/ Brigid Reynolds, Neurology Provider, Georgetown University Pt 1

31 minutes

Episode 9 of Alz In The Fam features Brigid Reynolds – our Mom’s neurology provider at Georgetown University’s Memory Disorders Program. All four Fair siblings sit down with Brigid, our first ever guest, to discuss Mom’s journey with Alzheimer’s!


Brigid is a research investigator conducting different clinical trials to develop new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. She specializes in evaluating and treating patients with memory problems, like our Mom.


In this episode, Brigid gives us insight into how she evaluates and treats her patients, and the types of tests she administers to diagnose and create a treatment plan. She explains the different types of memory disorders, including various types of dementia.


Brigid emphasizes the importance of family members’ involvement in the process of diagnosing and treating loved ones with Alzheimer’s. She tells us why it is important that family members encourage their loved ones to seek treatment early.


She discusses some current research opportunities and studies being done in the Alzheimer’s and dementia field. Check out this information on an Alzheimer’s Blood Test, as mentioned by Brigid in the episode: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/28/health/alzheimers-blood-test.html


We are so grateful to Brigid for sitting down to speak with us. Brigid has been a blessing in our Mom’s journey with Alzheimer’s. Stay tuned next week, too, to hear more from her.


Check out Brigid Reynold’s bio here: https://memory.georgetown.edu/about_us/team/

Check out Georgetown University’s Memory Disorders Program here: https://memory.georgetown.edu/


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