8. Alzheimer's - Moving Mom Out of Her House

34 minutes

In Episode 8 of Alz In The Fam, listen as we decide that it’s time to intervene in Mom’s living situation. In this episode, the four Fair siblings discuss the next step in Mom’s journey with Alzheimer’s – moving out of her own home and in with one of her kids.

This step in Mom’s Alzheimer’s journey was a difficult one to take. Mom was extremely stubborn, and it was difficult to figure out a living situation that worked for both her and us siblings. While the first option included sharing her time between Poli’s house and Trissi’s house, this set up quickly became too difficult and confusing for the whole family.

The decision to move Mom out of her own house was difficult to make. We realized this step was necessary once we felt that our Mom’s safety was at risk living alone. Not only was she becoming less able to take care of herself, but there were outside factors and weird events that made us increasingly alarmed.

Ultimately, moving Mom out of her house and into one of our homes was a decision we made to keep her safe. While it was hard logistically and emotionally, it was the best decision for us all. Listen to hear more about this transitional period for our family and why we made this change.


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