7. Alzheimer's - Hiring A Caregiver for Mom

32 minutes

Episode 7 of Alz In The Fam features all four siblings as they discuss another step in their Mom’s journey: hiring her a caregiver. Hiring a caregiver was a tedious process, as it took several tries to find one who met the sibling’s needs and their Mom’s needs.

At this time, their Mom was still stubbornly set on living alone. However, Allan, Poli, Trissi, and Boni realized that the level of care and attention she needed was increasing. The sisters’ constant visits were not enough anymore, so the family decided it was time for some outside help.

Finding the right caregiver was a trial and error process. The siblings were looking for someone to keep their Mom company for a few hours each day that would help her with some basic tasks like driving and cooking.

The family went through the process of finding a caregiver a few times before finding one who fit their needs and wants well. Importantly, the siblings were looking for someone who their mom would enjoy spending time with.

Hiring outside caregiving help was a big step in their Mom’s Alzheimer’s journey. While it was nerve-wracking to embark on, it was an important step that helped keep their mom safe and healthy.

If you or a loved one are at this point in your own journey, don’t hesitate to look for outside help! The process can be daunting, but the support they provide is necessary.

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