2. Alzheimer's - Early Warning Signs

33 minutes

“10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia”, from Alz.org is the subject of episode 2 of Alz In Fam.  Hosts Allan and Poli discuss the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia and how they first identified them in their mom. Following this article: https://bit.ly/2RL9p0b, Allan and Poli recount stories of the instances that they can now identify as many of these early warning signs.

Allan and Poli tell stories about their mom’s slow decline in memory as she began getting lost, forgetting how to perform basic tasks, having, and getting confused by time and place – all of which, and more, led them to realizing that their mom had begun her battle with Alzheimer’s.

Allan and Poli also discuss how difficult it was to take the leap of acknowledging the disease in their mom and helping her take the necessary steps to get the help she needed, ultimately becoming her caregivers.

If anyone is noticing early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia in themselves or a loved one, Allan and Poli encourage them to start the process of getting help as soon as possible. As challenging as it is to accept and admit that help is needed, don’t wait.

Allan and Poli are active members of the Alzheimer’s Association community. They encourage anyone and everyone who is affected by this disease to check it out.

The Alzheimer’s Association (alz.org) is a great resource that provides crucial information on the disease and support for both the caregivers and those suffering from Alzheimer’s.


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