1. Alzheimer's - From Kids To Caregivers

33 minutes

Caregivers and siblings, Allan Fair and Poli Fair Noyes, discuss the early days of their mother’s Dementia and memory loss that eventually led to her Alzheimer’s Diagnosis. 

Meet Allan Fair and Poli Fair Noyes in the debut episode of their podcast, Alz In The Fam.  Together they are part of a team of siblings who are caregivers for their mother Carmen, who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease.

In this episode they discuss how they started this podcast to share their journey with other caregivers and future caregivers. 

Like so many they have taken solace in the stories of other caregivers, and now they hope to give back and share their own stories of what they’ve learned.

Listen to them discuss the moments when they realized they needed to be more than just their mother's children, and had to also become her caregivers...all while raising their own children in the process.



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